Simply Captivating Web Design

R-Web, our website platform, lets you create your own website without requiring advanced skills in web development. Highly convenient and easy to use, our platform gives all the functions you need to make your website look stunning and smart.

Discover Smart Theme

Empower your website with “Smart Themes.” Uncover themes and elements that transform your ideas into a beautiful form.


Require No Coding

Drag and drop images and texts from our outstanding and superior website platform to design your website.

Be Well Equipped

Incorporate digital marketing tools to connect with target customers, convert them to loyal customers, and make your business flourish.


Analyse Collected Data

Enable the website owner to easily gather and analyse statistical data such as clicks and click through rate of website viewers.


Tools to Enhance Your Business Performance

Readyplanet’s Marketing Platform provides digital marketing tools that will make your business grow quickly and effectively.


R-Shop is an online shopping system with necessary functions to begin your ecommerce business. It is very easy to organize your products and expand your sales opportunity.


Multi-Channel Widget

R-Widget, a multi-channel communication system, is equipped with Contact Form, Chatday, LINE, Facebook Messenger and more. It lets you engage with your customers and build strong relationships.

Customer Relationship Management

R-CRM lets you manage information of new customers and perform lead management to understand the customer acquisition process and facilitates business profitability.


Real Time Chat

Chatday enables your visitors to contact you in real time after registering their phone numbers. It is a chance to entice your customers to purchase your products.





Readyplanet Packs All Tools
in One Place

 Readyplanet Marketing Platform

Once signing up for R-Web, you acquire all the digital marketing tools including R-Shop, R-Widget, R-CRM, R-Dynamic and R-Insight in the package. Excel at online business with our “All in One” marketing platform.