What is R-Widget

R-Widget helps Google Ads advertisers know the best campaign that brings and increases traffic to your website, the most popular contact method and keywords which efficiently convert leads to real customers. Keep track and notify you with a daily summary report by e-mail. Create an account for FREE! and easily set up by copy & paste widget code on your website.


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Measuring Google Ads Performance

Whether to increase brand visibility, grow website traffic or boost profit, Google Ads is amongst the top channels advertisers can never miss. As the complexity of targeting options, campaign types and advert formats are expanded, advertisers might feel anxious on how to measure the performance especially when PPC ads cost money. Tracking success of your campaign or calculate return on investment of ads against business goals can be easier with “R-Widget”. R-Widget will guide you through key statistics and enables you to know if your Ads account is working for your business and whether you need to optimize your advertising campaigns for better performance.




Some of our client's websites using R-Widget

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