Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About ReadyPlanet

What is ReadyPlanet’s website platform?

ReadyPlanet’s website platform, also known as “R-Web”, is one of our services that is provided for people who are interested in having websites of their own or for their businesses. R-Web allows you to create and host your own websites.

Is it possible to create a website without knowing how to code?

Yes, absolutely. ReadyPlanet’s website platform, “R-Web”, is user-friendly. If you are familiar with using the Internet to send and receive emails, or have experience in using basic applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, you can master R-Web without further technical knowledge of or skills in website coding. Well-designed website templates are prepared for you, and all you need to do is drag and drop elements you want on to your website, write contents, or insert images.

Will I be able to use features such as R-Shop, R-Widget, R-CRM if I register for the “Free Package”?

After you register for the free package, you have access to R-Web, R-Shop, R-CRM, and R-Widget. However, there are limitations in using these features. For instance, you can create up to 5 pages on your website. For more information, see Price and Package page.

Why should I choose ReadyPlanet?

Our website platform is different from general web hosting. The latter provides only space to store data, and the web-master is required to design the website and create all necessary programs. On the contrary, our website platform provides space to store data and domain names. It also functions as a Content Management System, a software application that manages digital contents and allows you to choose a template in which you can make changes to suit your needs. Hence, you will see a website template when you use R-Web and you are not required to code or program. It is much easier to create a website. Further, you will also acquire other features from ReadyPlanet Marketing Platform (RMP) when you register.

How do I register with ReadyPlanet?

Go to ReadyPlanet’s homepage and click on “Get Started.” You can register to our services using email, Google Account, or Facebook Account. If you decide to use your email, you will be asked to fill out your name, email address, and phone number. You will also see a question asking the purpose for using our services and a drop down list of options. Choose your purpose from business, learning, or other. After the process of registration, you will receive a Username and Password to log into our services.

What do I do after logging in?

After logging in with the Username and Password you received in your email, you will land on ReadyPlanet Marketing Platform page and see the icons of different features on your screen.The black icons are available features while light grey icons are unavailable features. Click on a feature that you would like to use and it will take you to the page of the selected feature. For instance, if you click on “R-Web”, you will be taken to the website creation page, and you may start creating and designing your website on the page.

Who owns the domain name?

The member (customer) owns the domain name. ReadyPlanet intends for our customers to have a website under their names so that they can diligently develop the site without having to fear that one day they will lose their web visitors when they no longer subscribe to the service of ReadyPlanet. For example, you have a website with a domain name of or in which service-company is the service provider and yourwebname is your website name. You advertise your website in various media such as on your business cards, brochures, stickers, email, and put links on different websites. When the day comes that you no longer use the service of the provider, or the provider can no longer gives the service, all the hard work you have put into publicising your website will be ruined. Therefore, it is very important that you register the domain name under your name when you create your website, either on your own or via a service provider.

How do I make my website visible Google search results?

There are few ways to increase visibility on Google search including Google Ads Campaign and SEO audit. ReadyPlanet suggests launching Google ads as a solution for new website start-ups. Google advertisement campaign is pay per click advertising, also known as cost per click advertising, which can be launched quickly and it allows you to achieve results faster. Therefore, it is ideal for start-ups to launch Google Ads in order to increase website visibility and traffic.