R-Widget is a single button on your website that opens up communication channels.
The communication channels include Contact Form, phone call, LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and Chatday.

Why should you utilize R-Widget?

Opens up more than one
communication options

Sends notifications to your device when customers contact you

Records details of visitors using Contact Form or Chatday on CRM

Conducts daily reports of widget and sends them to your email



Feeling anxious about measuring
Google Ads performance?

R-Widget is your powerful analytical tool. Connect R-Widget with your Google Ads and useful information on your Google Ads performance will be provided.

What benefits will you get from connecting
R-Widget to Google Ads?

R-Widget provides key statistical data from Google Ads performance such as Clicks and Click Through Rate (CTR), keywords, search terms and ads campaign. Even number of clicks for each contact channel integrated on the website will be given. Knowing the statistics helps you understand Google Ads performance accurately and effectively.

Can you add R-Widget to a website created with
another platform provider?

No Problem, You Are in the Right Place!

Even if your website was created using a different platform, ReadyPlanet will provide R-Widget’s HTML code and you will be able to set it up on your website. You will also be able to use R-Widget on your smartphone or tablet. 




Chatday is a real time chat function in R-Widget. For a follow-up purpose, the website visitors are required to register their phone numbers in order to contact you. To prevent miscommunication, the website will notify your customers when you contact them while they are offline.