Easy to manage, with reasonable price, ReadyPlanet Marketing Platform (RMP) provides digital marketing tools to develop a marketing funnel consisting of 3 steps: Reach, Convert and Retain. Reach involves attracting target customers and creating brand awareness among them. Convert aims at turning these customers into paying customers or leads. Retain intends to build customer loyalty and maintain a long term relationship.


Automatically generates ads based on visitor’s past engagement, sends them ads, and gets them acquainted with your brand.

Create an outstanding and reliable website to persuade prospective customers to contact you and acquire your products.

Start your ecommerce business by building an online shop. Let your website visitors begin purchasing your products.

Set up a multi-channel communication and communicate with prospective customers to add them to your leads.

Customer Relationship Management allows you to perform lead management process for upselling and cross selling.

Analyse data collected from ads campaign and keywords to provide insight into customers and help identifying suitable strategies to improve customer retention.


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