Create your online shop and start ecommerce business with R-Shop. Whether you are a first time or experienced online shop builder, R-Shop has all the functions which enable you to create and start your online shop easily and quickly.

Benefits of Creating an Online Shop with R-Shop

Accessible 24/7

Add variants to products with more than
one option such as size or colour.

Support up to 3 price variations such as regular, special and membership prices.


Accurate stock control to prevent
orders exceeding products in stock.

Support payments through
Paypal and Omise.

Precisely manage and fulfil sales orders.





Use R-CRM to Improve Order Management Efficiency

Managing a lot of sales and orders is probably a complicated task but not with ReadyPlanet’s services. Equip R-Shop with R-CRM, you will be able to efficiently manage your sales orders.



Make Your Business More Noticeable

After starting your online shop, you might wonder how you can improve and promote your business. Our digital marketing platform, RMP, has all the tools you need to let you deliver your business value and analyse consumer behaviour so you can optimize your business campaign.


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