R-CRM is a user-friendly CRM system that allows you to track sales orders and perform lead management, a process of managing potential customers, efficiently. R-CRM can be used through a web browser and you are not required to download any software.

What is pipeline management about?

 R-CRM will let your sales reps and teams visualise the processes and stages of purchasing. It enables you to check how many customers are about to close their sales. Perhaps you have done complex pipeline management before, but with R-CRM you do not have to sweat to get things done. It is easy.

How does R-CRM bring efficiency?

It is easy to trace your leads’ information
and sales information.

Appointment and Notification
Enables you to create appointments with your important customers. You will receive notification when a new lead joins.

Allows you to send emails to your customers, and most importantly you will receive notifications when your customers open your emails.


Lets you create quotations and invoices and
send them to your customers on R-CRM.

Enables you to import your Excel file containing lead information to R-CRM or export lead information on R-CRM to your device.

Allows you to set teams and admin users so that the admin can trace CRM easily.


Connection with Facebook Ads
Creates new leads accurately when they fill out form on Facebook Lead Ads.

R-CRM generates lead reports and you can access them on R-Insight.

Allows users to connect API with an external source in order to import leads into R-CRM.


Track sales orders and manage your leads with user friendly CRM System.
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